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A few weeks ago my husband found out that he would most likely be working on call for Thanksgiving.  He then sweetly suggested that I go without him to be with family in consideration that we asked my Mom to host. You see with us both working in the vacation industry, him in rentals, me in retail, we knew we would most likely have to work the day after so we figured the easiest route for travel would be my parent’s house in Apalachicola, FL.  Don’t get me wrong I did consider it for a moment but when I thought of all the years that we’ve been apart especially during the holidays I just couldn’t bear another year without him by my side partaking in the festivities.  Let me give you a little background story in case you didn’t already know.  Jamie worked offshore in the oilfield for 9 years which is also a never-ending work cycle much like the vacation industry.  He has missed many holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, you name it to support our little family.  After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that he was home now and it’s time for us to start making our own holiday traditions, so I got to work searching for the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape. Once he got home, I had a nice surprise in store… I made him close his eyes, led him to the table and then revealed that I would be staying home to cook our Thanksgiving dinner this year!

thanksgiving table

I wanted to keep it simple and I didn’t want to spend money on things I wouldn’t use again throughout the year.  I had been wanting some plain off-white linen napkins so that was an easy no-brainer but I needed a subtle pop of color to stand out against the dinner plates and the napkins.  

linen napkins

The plates I found worked out perfectly because they came in a few different hues you can find them here.  I had also been wanting to find some new plates (our old ones have chipped) that were a little more rustic and not so perfect.  I like the way these look almost like they were made on a pottery wheel.

a thanksgiving to remember

To stick with the rustic theme, I found some two-toned twiggy like cutlery and topped my table off with a macrame runner.  The wooden cutting board and the glass hurricanes I used are old but you can find similar options here and here, and the pumpkins and acorn squash were left over from Halloween.  I found a dried wheat bouquet at my local grocery store and cut the stems down to place on the napkins.  I then bundled a few of the leftover wheat stems with some twine to add the finishing touch to the centerpiece. All in all, I’d say I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out especially because I was able to find almost everything in one place!

Well, guys, this is definitely one to go down in the books!  It’s my first year to stay home for Thanksgiving instead of traveling to be with family and my first year roasting a turkey all on my own!  Wish me luck, meanwhile, I’ll be calling my Mom with about a hundred questions! Seriously though, I feel like once you’ve roasted a turkey without Mom or Dad you’ve officially crossed the threshold of adulthood. Adulting is so hard, ha!  I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and don’t forget what the holiday is really all about.  I know I have many things to be thankful for and now I can say I’m thankful my husband is home and we won’t have to spend another holiday apart.

Have any turkey roasting suggestions?  I’d love to hear them, please feel free to put them in the comments down below!

Cheers-  Ashley Nicole





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