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I’m wiping away my Monday blues with a little home decor inspiration.  I’ve been in a “home improvement” mood lately trying to figure out how I can make it even cozier than it already is with a few updated pieces.  If you’ve been following me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I’m very into this style and a little bit of a plant lady. I just can’t help it!  It’s what speaks to me, clean, crisp, green, soft, mellow, light, easy going yet organized.  It’s all the things that I love about modern bohemian home decor.  It’s inviting and cheery look has me all heart eyes over here so I thought I’d put together a post of some great decor finds that are budget friendly in case you were considering renovating your look too!

ROUND MIRRORS– I love the gold and the black framed round mirrors that I’ve been seeing lately, but some can be super expensive!  I found a reasonably priced one here.

PLANTERS– There are so many stylish planter options these days!  This mid-century modern plant stand has got to be one of my favorites!  Also, check out these hanging planters.  They bring an element of the outdoors in and also bring great benefits which you can read more about their benefits here.

BASKETS– Only the best way to organize your home by stowing away all those little things like dog toys for example.  I also like to use these as planter covers.  These baskets here are a great price and while I already have one, I find I could use more so I’ll be purchasing a few of these in the near future.

RUGS– I found this sheep’s skin rug at the most amazing price!  You can check it out here.  I also love how soft it is on my feet and since we have wood floors, they tend to get cold when walking barefoot.

POUFS– These guys are amazing when you need a little extra seat while entertaining in the living room.  This leather version varies in price depending on where you purchase it from.  The one listed here is under $100.

PILLOWS + BLANKETS– These are a must in my home!  My family is always lounging and taking naps on the couch so these come in handy but also have a dual purpose to add texture and pattern to our plain white couch.  

ARTWORK– Give them something to look at!  Just by hanging a few pieces of artwork or prints can make a room feel less stark and give that “lived in” vibe.  They also look great just leaning against a wall on a shelf.  

ACCESSORIES– These are the things that create eye-catching spaces.  Candles are great for decor and set the mood with lighting. Floating shelves add that something unexpected adorned with plants and knick-knacks like these.  This record player has a clean sleek design and doubles as entertainment.  I love listening to music when I’m cooking or cleaning and especially when we have guests over for dinner.

You can find out where to buy all of the items listed below the photo.

home decor inspiration






Well, guys, I hope you liked my home decor picks!  Are you loving a certain style home decor right now?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Cheers-  Ashley Nicole









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