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Father’s Day is next weekend, have you thought about what to get him? If not, don’t worry I’ve got you covered!  This year I decided to put a bit of an update on the traditional Father’s Day gifts as there are plenty of younger Dads out there and I don’t know about you but my Dad and my husband are not big tie wearers and they would much rather get something they could put to use.  Here are my suggestions and why I chose them.

GROOMING: Anything to do with grooming is a great gift as most guys just don’t think to buy that stuff for themselves or it’s the last thing they really want to spend money on.  It’s also a great way to motivate them to shape up and shave! Throw in a candle and you’ve got yourself a man spa!

ENTERTAINMENT: Record players are coming back in a major way, put some nostalgia into your gift with one of these and your Dad’s favorite band from his youth, your spouse would love this gift too!  You also can’t go wrong with a wooden caddy filled with his favorite craft beer or a bottle of his favorite spirits and a pack of granite rocks or stainless steel thermos to keep it cool.

GADGETS:  Keychains, knives, phone cases, wallets, you name it and they will love it!  Guys love little stuff like this to help keep them organized or replace the ones they’ve lost.

TRAVEL:  Are they planning a trip soon?  Get them to get rid of that beat up travel gear and start fresh with a duffle bag, Dopp kits are a great option too!

CLOTHING:  Belts, hats, comfortable sneakers are all things that most likely need to be replaced in his wardrobe.  It’s a nice way of saying it’s time for a change…


Father's Day gift guide 2018




| 12. CANDLE | 13. BELT || 14. KNIFE | 15. KEYCHAIN | 16. HAT | 17. LEATHER PHONE CASE |

I hope you found this gift guide helpful!  What do you plan on giving to your Dad/ spouse for Father’s Day?  Got any other great ideas? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Cheers- Ashley Nicole



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