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Hi, guys!  So I know I’ve been putting posts up into this vast void also known as the internet, but I haven’t had the chance to officially make your acquaintance so let me introduce myself.  My name is Ashley Nicole and I’m the founder of the Cottage-Bound blog (you can find out how it was started here).  I work full time and blog on the side.  I am so thankful for my family and friends.  I adore my amazing husband, Jamie and my sweet pup Cami. I realize that I haven’t shared too much about myself and wanted to open up to you. Here is a list of 10 fun facts you may not know about me…


  1. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life.  I grew up in Apalachicola, FL. I moved to Pensacola, FL for my first year of college and then moved to Jacksonville, FL to continue my college education.  I now live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  I have always lived near a beach and couldn’t imagine my life without it.
  2. I am an only child but my Mom is one of 11! I’ve been blessed with a huge family and grew up with lots of cousins.  Let’s just say I never felt like an only child growing up.
  3. I met my husband in Jacksonville. Shortly after we were engaged he started working offshore in the oil supply field.  He worked offshore for 9 years until just recently.  We are coming up on our 8th wedding anniversary and out of those eight years, he was home for about 5 1/2 years.  Having him home has definitely been a game changer and I can’t help but feel so lucky to have him in my life. He is an amazing supporter of my blog dream and is often times the man behind the camera when you see photos of me.
  4. I do not drink coffee (which is weird I know) but I drink two caps full of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar every day with water before I reach for some sweet tea.  THIS IS MY MORNING RITUAL.
  5. Although I love many types of music, I like to listen to music from the 20’s-40’s when I’m cooking or cleaning and sometimes when I’m stressed.  I guess I’m just an old soul.  
  6. I am of Christian faith however, I do not currently go to church but I pray regularly and believe in his word.
  7. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since youth, I will explain more in time.
  8. I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart and have almost all of her Halloween magazines since the early 90’s.
  9. I’m obsessed with clogs, big hats, and lots of accessories (I probably should have been a 70’s child)
  10. I was the 2001 Miss Florida Seafood Festival Queen.  Once I was asked during my reign what my favorite part was and I told them it was all the free seafood I could eat of course! I know being a Seafood Festival Queen seems like a lame thing but it was kind of a big deal in my town plus it was a scholarship program.  *Fun fact- it is the oldest marine-time event in the history of Florida and is going on 54 years! (Whew that’s a lot of queens!)

Well, that’s enough about me, how about you?  I would love to get to know my readers, where are you from and what inspires you?   Please feel free to add comments and reach out!  

Cheers-Ashley Nicole





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