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Good evening guys!  I hope you’re doing well, I just had a great visit with my Mom and got some much-needed mommy and me time in because she is super fun to be around and we just get each other!  When I’m feeling burnt out or lost I get recharged when I’m around her, she is such an inspiration and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her influence in my life!  

While she was here we got to do a little fall shopping.  It’s our most favorite time of year and we both love Halloween so it was appropriate for us to get out and scavenge for fall decor.  We hit up several of the usual stops and were a little disappointed that it was September and Target had barely put anything out for fall or Halloween yet Michael’s had their decor at 40% off and already getting Christmas out… OMG I’m so not ready for that yet!

I did, however, manage to get a tube of natural round beads and some jute twine while we were there.  I’ve been seeing these cool little wooden beaded tassels here and there on Instagram and while I love a good tassel, I think it’s a bit silly to spend $60 on something that will just be laying on a book or possibly show up in my flat-lays unless it’s something really cool and vintage and hard to find.  

That being said, I decided to make one on my own and give ya’ll a quick DIY tutorial on this easy and super cute home decor accessory.  Just check out all the details below and get crafting!

DIY Tassel Home Decor

home decor diy


1 Canister of round wooden beads in various shapes

1 Ball of jute string

1 Good pair of scissors

1 Needle with an eye large enough to fit your string.

and some good music playing while you craft (Have you checked out my Spotify?)


  1. Create the pattern you would like to use for your tassel, in this case, I chose to use a large wooden bead and a medium wooden bead alternating the two by placing 4 medium beads in a row per 1 large bead.  On the ends, I choose to leave the larger size bead.
  2. Thread your needle and string the beads in the pattern you’ve chosen.
  3. Leave enough string on each end for knotting and adding tassels.
  4. Create tassels by taking around 10 strands of jute or so depending on how fat you want the tassel also add an odd number to the mix for attaching the tassel.  Cut them all the same length.  Find the center and attach it to the beaded string.  Pull both ends of strings together and wrap the top with an additional strand of jute to create the tassel.  
  5. Attach tassel with the leftover string from the beaded portion and take a string (the odd one) from the tassel and tie them in a double knot.
  6. Do the same to the other end.


That’s a wrap guys!  This is a super easy and affordable craft project to add to your home decor and if you have kids, let them join in on the fun!  Also, this is a great way to bring in tassels without being super summery, I’m so looking forward to this fall hygge!  I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any super savvy DIY home decor hacks, please let me know about them in the comments below!

Cheers-  Ashley Nicole


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