Kitchen Tool and Storage Jar Set



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Do more with less: three multi-tasking glass jars are all you need to prep tonight’s dinner and store the leftovers when you’re done. These nifty jars have your regular screw tops, but they’ve also three speciality lids: a spiralizer, a juicer, and a grater! Do your prep right into the jars (let’s say spiralize some zuchinni noodles, grate some red onion, and juice and shake up a citrus dressing), screw on the lids, and pop into the fridge. When you get home after a long day, combine together your prepped ingredients and—boom!—dinner. Made in: China. Made of: Grade-A soda lime glass, stainless steel, silicone. Size: Spiralizer is 3.9″ in diameter x 9.6″ H, holds 1.05 quarts; Juicer is 5.9″ in diameter x 8.3″ H, holds 1.05 quarts; Grater is 5.9″ in diameter x 6.3″ H, holds 1.05 quarts.


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